View3dscene 3.17.0 release, with CommonSurfaceShader and STL format support

I'm proud to announce view3dscene 3.17.0 release. view3dscene is an open-source X3D and VRML browser, and a viewer for many other 3D formats, using Castle Game Engine underneath.

New major features in view3dscene are:

  • CommonSurfaceShader node support (see https://castle-engine.sourcefo... ),
  • STL format support. It is a format commonly used for 3D printing. Using view3dscene, you can now display STL files, and convert them to X3D if needed. You can also Inline an STL file within an X3D/VRML.
Underneath, view3dscene uses Castle Game Engine, which also got a major release 6.2 today.

If you like view3dscene, please consider supporting us on Patreon, through . The recent CommonSurfaceShader (and related Blender exporter improvements on https://castle-engine.sourcefo... ) were done entirely because of this support !


Windows (32 or 64-bit) version 3 MB
Jun 18, 2017
Linux (32-bit, i386) version 3 MB
Jun 18, 2017
Linux (64-bit, x86_64) version 4 MB
Jun 18, 2017
Mac OS X version 5 MB
Jun 18, 2017

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