Castle Game Engine 6.2 - easy iOS, CommonSurfaceShader and more

We're proud to announce the release of Castle Game Engine 6.2!

Castle Game Engine is an open-source 3D and 2D game engine for modern Object Pascal. We support a lot of game assets, we're portable (desktop, mobile), we include many graphic effects and components useful for games (or other 3D visualizations).

Go to our website https://castle-engine.sourcefo... to download, read the extensive documentation https://castle-engine.sourcefo...documentation.php and check our all our features https://castle-engine.sourcefo... !

New features in this release:

  1. Trivially easy recompilation of your games for iOS (through an XCode project). You can now use our build tool to recompile the same game for all our platforms (desktops, Android, iOS, web plugin...). The iOS documentation on was extended to describe everything necessary.
  2. CommonSurfaceShader https://castle-engine.sourcefo... is a new "material on steroids" that allows you to configure material behavior. It allows to assign normalmaps, specular maps, shininess maps, ambient maps... We include an extensive documentation and examples of it (in new demo models https://castle-engine.sourcefo... ).
  3. Improved Blender exporter on https://castle-engine.sourcefo... . It's now easier to install (it's now a normal Blender add-on), and it can generate a CommonSurfaceShader node all the goodies described in the previous point. The artist can now comfortably set normalmaps, specular maps and much more in Blender, and they "just work" in the engine. The CommonSurfaceShader and Blender exporter improvements were implemented thanks to the support on Patreon. If you like what we do, please consider supporting the engine development on Patreon, through . This really helps me spend more time on the engine, and develop cool features like this!
  4. Other build tool improvements, for all platforms:
    1. game_units attribute (see ).
    2. generate-program command (documented on )
    3. Places all the temporary output within castle-engine-output/ subdirectory.
    4. The configuration of build tool for Android is now simpler, it can guess all the locations from $ANDROID_HOME. The wiki page describing Android prerequisites was much improved:
  5. Other API and examples improvements:
    1. TSound.Offset to get/set sound offset in time.
    2. Sound/music player in examples/audio/audio_player_scrubber.
    3. STL format support
    4. Our ray-tracer now supports textures and smooth normals.
    5. TCastleEdit (example in examples/2d_standard_ui/edit_box/ ) https://castle-engine.sourcefo...
    6. Application.ParseStandardParameters https://castle-engine.sourcefo...

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Jun 18, 2017

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