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Free open-source 3D and 2D game engine using modern Object Pascal.

  • Use any 3D or 2D software to create your models in any format: X3D, glTF, VRML, Collada, OBJ, MD3, Spine...
  • Develop cross-platform applications, for desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS...), mobile (Android, iOS), console (Nintendo Switch) and other (Raspberry Pi).
  • Visual editor to design games UI and to build applications, powerful command-line build tool under the hood.
  • Optimized rendering with a lot of graphic effects (shadows, mirrors, bump mapping, shader effects...).
  • Build and edit the scene graph (X3D) at runtime. Create 3D processing, visualization tools and CAD applications.
  • Extensible system for game objects, with physics, creatures with AI and navmesh, and more.
  • Access numerous services, like in-app purchases and game services on mobile devices.
  • Create cross-platform user-interface with anchors and automatic scaling.

The complete engine documentation (with manual and tutorials!) and a list of features is on https://castle-engine.io/ . If you have any questions, talk with us on Discord -- https://castle-engine.io/talk.php :)

And if you want to learn modern Object Pascal, read this: http://castle-engine.io/modern_pascal_introduction.html . It's very alive, high-level and cross-platform language!


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castle-game-engine-source-code.zip 127 MB
Version 6.4

Development log


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Screenshots of these looks like one PSX game. Can you make a sequel to this Engine?

The next release of this engine is already in-progress, see our news ( https://castle-engine.io/wp/ ) :) You can already try it, using the code from GitHub ( https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/ ).

its not working for me in my files i font even know where to find the application

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Instructions how to use the engine are on https://castle-engine.io/ , in particular see the "getting started" page ( https://castle-engine.io/documentation.php ) and the manual ( https://castle-engine.io/manual_intro.php ).

There is no visual application distributed with Castle Game Engine. You usually install Lazarus ( https://www.lazarus-ide.org/ ) to have an environment to edit and compile Castle Game Engine games.

If you expected a visual editor included inside the engine, like Unity3d editor --- I'm sorry, we don't have it yet. But we are working in it, see our plans for 2018 https://castle-engine.io/wp/2017/12/23/plans-6-4-release-asap-visual-editor-soon... :)